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Chamomile german oil is used for external inflammation as well as is very effective on urinary stones as well. When used on skin, it has miracle effect for treating red, dry & irritated skin. It helps in stimulating liver & gall bladder, thereby improving digestion and in treating menstrual & menopausal problems


Back massage: Use 3 drops with vehicular soy bean oil.


Chamomile essential oil has many benefits. It can help improve digestion, calm skin inflammation and redness, reduce discomfort related to joint aches or arthritis, provide some relief from migraine pain and reduce labor pain when used in aromatherapy during the early stages of childbirth


Here are some other benefits of Chamomile essential oil:

  • Anti-allergenic
  • Cure acne
  • Clean up the urinary system and the kidneys by stimulating increased urination
  • Detoxify the blood

Chamomile Essential Oil

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