BOTANICAL NAME: Boswellia Serrata

NOTE CLASSIFICATION: Base Note, Excellent Fixative




Frankincense Essential Oil

  • It is believed that, being the oldest documented Frankincense,  may be the Frankincense referred to in the Bible and Ayurvedic medicine.

    Frankincense is high in natural constituents belonging to the monoterpenes chemical family like alpha thujene, alpha-pinene, and limonene, lending it to being a powerful antiseptic, decongestant, and anti-inflammatory agent.

    The clean, citrus-terpenic  Frankincense Essential Oil is entwined in ancient myth and sacred ritual; its profound healing properties have rendered it an important part of Ayurvedic medicine. Frankincense Oil is also widely used for helping to reduce minor pain and inflammation related to headaches and general muscle tension. It can provide respiratory support, as well as, helping to clear congestion and mucous. Frankincense Oil contains antimicrobial benefits, working to destroy harmful germs and bacteria upon contact, whether on the body or on surfaces throughout the home. Capable of eliminating wrinkles, dramatically reducing the appearance of scars all over the body, clearing up acne and other blemishes, while at the same time fading stretch marks and healing cracked or dry skin, Frankincense  Essential Oil provides a range of anti-aging benefits.

    Emotionally and energetically, Frankincense Oil is rich with potential applications. Frankincense is legendary in its traditional and sacred uses and its ability to instill deep tranquility of mind, making it ideal for meditation purposes.